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Welcome to Water Wheel Guitars!

Our Mission:

To provide a more personal experience when shopping for that life mate, I mean guitar. Guitars are very personal to the player, they differ drastically from model to model and even between the same model. So why is there a cookie cutter mentality when shopping for a guitar? Our specialists at Waterwheel guitars can help you in every aspect of your journey to the right guitar , the right amp all the way down to the right pick. We can even build you your dream Amp,the right guitar and Customize your rig down to the pedal board and even the cables. Welcome to Waterwheel guitars , your new go to shop for all things special.


We handpicked the following products based on quality and craftsmanship.  We personally believe in them.

Exclusive Home Of McVic Audio

"We Want to Build Your Dream Rig, From The Amp To The Guitar And Even Down To The Cables."


  John Bendy - Tech - Luthier

Scott Weis - Store Manager

Steve Pisani - Steve Mc Vic

Steve McVic - Owner